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Procurement Leadership of the Year


The profile of public procurement is on the rise, and with it comes the demand for even higher levels of performance, effectiveness, innovation, efficiency and leadership.

The GO Procurement Leadership of the Year Award recognises those organisations that have fully embraced this challenge, and which are placing procurement at the front and centre of their strategy for the delivery of outstanding public services.

This category isn’t solely focused on the tangible benefits that can be derived from an outstanding procurement strategy. The role of procurement within the organisation, in developing change across the business or in guiding strategic decisions and delivering savings and efficiencies through procurement policy, is a key element in this Award.

This award also recognises organisations that have woven procurement into the fabric of their everyday existence – with buy-in and proactive support from across all levels.



A GO Awards submission in this category must reflect activity by the team or organisation involved during the period April 2017 to April 2019.


Open to

Public and third sector organisations.


Evidence Keywords

Continuous improvement, step change, driving and sharing best practice, adoption of innovation, leading practice, commercial awareness/acumen, collaboration, lean procurement, contract management, efficiency, business benefit, outcomes, commercial benefit, strategy change, procurement policy.

1Please describe the procurement strategy that your organisation has introduced and the team or teams involved in its creation.
2What aspects of the strategy have been particularly imaginative, unique, creative or groundbreaking, and how does it demonstrate a real advance on your previous processes?
3What aspects of the strategy were the most challenging to implement, what issues required to be overcome, and how has this been achieved?
4What were the expected outcomes of the strategy, and what success has been achieved to date? Please provide evidence of the methodologies involved and the specific targets set.
5How has the procurement strategy been adopted across your organisation and what examples of engagement from outside the immediate procurement function have been seen?
6How has your organisation spread the benefit of this new approach to other organisations or stakeholders, and what effect, if any, has this had on the wider market?
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