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Procurement Innovation of the Year– Taking the procurement function forward


In the demanding world of public procurement, the need for new solutions, fresh thinking and brilliantly executed ideas has never been more important. The UK has already established a reputation for innovative procurement, and this category seeks to further highlight success in this area.

The GO Procurement Innovation of the Year Award brings creativity and imagination to the fore, celebrating procurement approaches that have made a genuine difference within the delivery of public services, by developing the procurement function in an innovative manner.

Submissions will need to demonstrate they are genuinely innovative and the focus will be on procurements that have been based on innovation-led procurement procedures such as competitive procedure with negotiation, competitive dialogue or innovation partnership process.



A GO Awards submission in this category must cover activity during the period April 2017 to April 2019.

The contract or initiative related to the submission must have commenced during this period to be eligible.


Open to

Public and third sector organisations.


Evidence Keywords

End user benefit, exceeding expectations, groundbreaking, quality, compliance, best value, stakeholder involvement, innovation, procurement, competitive dialogue, competitive procedure with negotiation, innovation partnership, digital transformation, health, social care, local government, central government, police, fire, housing, third sector.

1Please describe the business problem or challenge that the procurement innovation was required to resolve.
2What procedure did you use to undertake the innovative procurement, what issues did you anticipate encountering in this approach and how did you overcome these issues to deliver a truly innovative outcome?
3What level of market engagement did you implement to encourage an innovative solution to help you deliver the contract, what issues did the market itself highlight and how successful was this process in delivering the right providers to participate in the procurement process?
4What aspects of implementing the innovative solution were the most challenging to overcome, and how has this been achieved?
5What were the expected outcomes of the innovation and what success has been achieved to date? How have you managed to measure the success of the innovative solution? Please provide evidence of specific targets set, feedback received and performance or other measurable benefits achieved.
6How has your organisation spread the benefit of this initiative or approach to other organisations or stakeholders, and with what effect? Has the innovation or initiative been adopted by any other organisations?
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