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18 March 2020
Mercure Holland House Hotel

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Market Development


The GO Market Development Award specifically focuses on the success achieved by an organisation in undertaking market development in areas such as market testing, market management, supplier engagement and market analysis.

It recognises buyers that broaden their understanding of the market place as part of their procurement activity, therefore becoming smart and informed customers.

Entries should define, in terms of commercial awareness, how the authority aligned its market engagement to capture data and insight in order to size and scope markets, identify potential new suppliers or reduce risk and/or shaped a market sector to ensure there is sufficient capability and competition to provide them with a VFM sustainable solution.



A GO Awards submission in this category must cover activity during the period April 2017 to April 2019.

The contract or initiative related to the submission must have commenced during this period to be eligible.


Open to

Open to public and third sector organisations.



Evidence Keywords

Market engagement, supplier engagement, market analysis, supplier analysis, commercial awareness, commercial acumen, lean procurement, market testing, stakeholder involvement, end user engagement.

1Please describe the business problem or challenge that led the organisation in the direction of market development.
2What level of engagement/analysis was undertaken? Who was included in the engagement/analysis, such as suppliers, stakeholders, end-users or industry experts and what influence did that have on shaping the procurement scope?
3What issues did the market itself highlight and how successful was this process in delivering the right providers to participate in the procurement process?
4What aspects of implementing market development were the most challenging to overcome, and how has this been achieved?
5What were the expected outcomes of the engagement/analysis and what success has been achieved to date? How have you managed to measure the success of the engagement/analysis? Please provide evidence of anticipated outcomes, feedback received and any measurable benefits achieved.
6How has your organisation spread the benefit of this approach to other organisations or stakeholders, and with what effect? Has the process been adopted by any other organisation?
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