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18 March 2020
Mercure Holland House Hotel

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Infrastructure or Capital Project of the Year


This category has been introduced to recognise the significant achievements of those within the procurement sector across the UK in delivering cutting-edge, highly successful infrastructure and capital projects.

From buildings to roads, transportation and communication, energy, water and sewerage, countless infrastructure projects are undertaken each year by both the public sector and the utilities sector.

This award is to honour these high-value and high-profile procurement projects, whether public sector or utilities sector, which deliver successful outcomes to the betterment of communities in and across the UK.

Entries can come from any organisation within the supply chain for the delivery of successful, cost-effective infrastructure projects in compliance with the appropriate contract regulations.

Open to

Public or utility sector organisations or private sector contractors (with the proviso that their entry is supported by the appropriate contracting authority for the infrastructure project).

Evidence Keywords

Innovation, initiative, best practice, capital projects, capital works, effectiveness, efficiency, ground-breaking, cutting-edge, infrastructure, building, construction, power, energy, water, sewerage, sewers, roads, bridges, communications, transportation, supply chain, connectivity.

1Please describe the infrastructure project that your organisation has helped to deliver, the timelines involved and the reason behind the project.
2What aspects of the project were particularly ground-breaking or cutting-edge and how did this impact on the delivery of the project?
3What aspects of the project were the most challenging to overcome, and how has this been achieved?
4What were the expected outcomes of the project and what success has been achieved to date? Please provide evidence of specific targets, key milestones, feedback received and performance indicators, service levels or other measurable benefits achieved.
5How did the value and benefit of the project extend across the supply chain – including micro, SME and third sector businesses?
6Did you use any form of Community Benefit to deliver social outcomes, such as creating employment for long-term unemployed or apprenticeships for school leavers? If so, please describe and evidence the outcomes achieved.
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