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Best Procurement Delivery


Procurement in the public sector covers a wide and diverse range of services, supplies and works, delivered across a vast assortment of people and sites. Procurement’s scope is wide-ranging, encompassing everything and everyone, from hospitals to schools, from the newborn to the elderly, and from the third sector to defence.

The GO Award for Best Procurement Delivery is designed to recognise the best of the best in the procurement arena. Entries can cover anything in procurement – from transport to stationery and from clinical services to grounds maintenance, the category is open to all.

The focus of this Award is on the outcomes achieved. Whether through innovative routes, supply chain management, sustainability, lean procurement, commercial acumen or engagement with stakeholders and end users, the deliverables are the key.


A GO Awards submission in this category must reflect activity by the team or organisation involved during the period January 2020 to October 2021. The contract or initiative related to the submission must have commenced during this period to be eligible.

Open to

All public and third sector organisations.

Evidence Keywords

Works, supplies, services, supply chain, innovation, commercial acumen, lean procurement, sustainability, social, ethical, environmental, stakeholders, end users.

1Please explain the scope of the procurement, the procurement route selected and the required levels of stakeholder, end user and market engagement prior to commencement.
2What were the key drivers behind this procurement and how did they shape the specification requirements?
3What specific challenges were faced in undertaking the procurement and how were these overcome?
4What were the expected outcomes of the procurement and what success has been achieved to date? Please provide evidence of specific targets set, feedback received and performance or other measurable benefits achieved.
5Has the contract exceeded the expectations of the contracting authority, stakeholders and/or end users – delivering value over and above the core requirement – and what evidence supports this?
6What additional benefits in respect of savings, added value or other legacy have been realised as a result of this procurement, and has this been shared with other organisations to help shape their future procurement?
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