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Best Environmental Impact


The GO Best Environmental Impact Award focuses on procurement activity that has a strong theme and evidence of benefit relating to the environment – for example, the reduction of carbon emissions, recycling, waste management, improvement in living environments etc.

It highlights those organisations who have considered the issue of environmental impact across their procurement and supply chain activities to enable better outcomes and benefits to be delivered.



A GO Awards submission in this category must cover activity during the period April 2017 to April 2019.

The contract or initiative related to the submission must have commenced during this period to be eligible.


Open to

Open to public, private and third sector organisations (private sector via buyer endorsement)


Evidence Keywords

Environmental impact, environmental requirements, recycling, life cycle costing, corporate social responsibility, regeneration, measurable benefits, ethical sustainable, sustainability, ecological, carbon emissions, carbon reduction, waste management

1Please describe the benefits your organisation's approach to reducing environmental impact was intended to deliver through the procurement process, and the measurable benefits it has created.
2What aspects of the initiative or approach have been particularly innovative, creative or ground-breaking (while remaining within the bounds of procurement legislation)?
3What level of engagement has been achieved with parties within and outwith the nominating organisation to ensure that the initiative has been thoroughly scoped and designed with reducing the environmental impact of this procurement in mind?
4What specific challenges have been faced in the procurement approach taken, and how were these overcome?
5What were the expected outcomes of the procurement initiative, and what success has been achieved to date? Please provide evidence of specific targets set, feedback received and performance or other measurable benefits achieved.
6Has your organisation spread the benefit of its initiative to other organisations or stakeholders, and with what effect? What lessons have been learnt as a result of the exercise?
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