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Best Contract Delivery – Private Sector / Supported Business


The effective delivery of public contracts is dependent on a robust, vibrant and innovative supply chain. The Best Contract Delivery Award for Supported Businesses and Private Sector Organisations recognises the critical role that contractors play in ensuring end-user expectations are met – or, even better, exceeded – whilst paying heed to issues such as efficiency and sustainability. The focus is on innovation in the works, supply or service delivery, the engagement with end users and the positive impact the applicant has delivered.

Entries must have the support of a public or third sector body on whose behalf the organisation has delivered the contract. Additional credit will be given to entries that provide evidence from end users of how the contract has positively impacted upon them.

A GO Awards submission in this category must cover activity during the period January 2019 to June 2020.

The contract or initiative related to the submission must have commenced during this period to be eligible.

Open to
Open to private sector organisations or third sector organisations endorsed by a public or third sector client; or by a private sector client acting as a prime contractor.

Endorsed by public sector definition: Supported by a confirmation from the sponsoring authority that the entry was undertaken successfully by the applicant and included as an attachment to the entry. Please include this document as a “attachment”. For example, this could be a written statement.

Evidence Keywords
End-user benefit, exceeding expectations, quality, compliance, best value, stakeholder involvement, end-user engagement, partnership, joint venture, joint bidding, procurement capability, innovation, works, supplies, service delivery, micro, third sector, voluntary, charitable, micro-SME, small business.

1Please describe the contract that your organisation has provided (including how long it has been provided for), to which public or third sector organisation(s) and whether this is your organisation’s first such contract provision.
2What level of engagement has been elicited with the contracting organisation, third sector organisations, the voluntary sector, partner organisations, end users and any other interested groups in the design and delivery of the contract?
3What aspects of the contract provided have been particularly innovative, unique, creative and ground-breaking?
4How has the contract exceeded the expectations of both the buyer and end users – delivering value over and above the core requirement – and what evidence supports this? What additional benefits in respect of employment, social-economic benefit or other legacy have been realised as a result of your organisation’s involvement?
5What aspects of the contract were the most challenging to overcome, and how was this achieved?
6What were the expected outcomes of the contract, and what success has been achieved to date? Please provide evidence of specific targets set, feedback received, and performance or other measurable benefits achieved.
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