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Celebrating your Procurement Achievements

Since 2002, the GO Excellence in Public Procurement Awards have showcased those organisations leading the way in public procurement best practice across all UK nations: Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as the cumulative UK National GO Awards.

The GO Awards Wales set out to recognise the achievement and successes of procurement teams from all aspects of the public, private and third sector organisations.

Public procurement in Wales was rapidly evolving as part of its transformation from back-office function to strategic player. Now, following the UK’s exit from the EU and facing the recover from a global pandemic, the stakes are even higher. Procurement is front page news and public service delivery will be at the forefront of economic recovery.

That’s why the GO Awards Wales matter now more than ever. It’s time to recognise the tireless work and endeavour that underpins the delivery of critical services; to showcase the innovation and ingenuity that ensures public spend creates lasting social and economic benefit; and to mark the extensive collaborations and partnerships that exist across supply chains.

Back and live in venue for 2021/22, the GO Awards Wales will return to the Mercure Holland House Hotel on the 3 November 2021. Officially supported by the Welsh Government, the in person event will give you a opportunity to come together with your peers, colleagues and the wider procurement community and recognise the fantastic job individuals and organisations have done over the past eighteen months.

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