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Why Enter

The GO Awards Scotland recognise those organisations and teams that are making a real difference within public sector procurement.

Entering the GO Awards Scotland is your organisation’s chance to showcase your procurement project, team or initiative to your peers and demonstrate why your procurement team is one of the best in Scotland.

Public procurement in Scotland was rapidly evolving as part of its transformation from back-office function to strategic player. Now, following the UK’s exit from the EU and facing the recover of a global pandemic, the stakes are even higher. Procurement is front page news and public service delivery will be at the forefront of economic recovery.

That’s why the GO Awards Scotland matter now more than ever. It’s time to recognise the tireless work and endeavour that underpins the delivery of critical services; to showcase the innovation and ingenuity that ensures public spend creates lasting social and economic benefit; and to mark the extensive collaborations and partnerships that exist across supply chains.

If your organisation’s procurement projects are changing lives, exploring new ground or setting a standard for others to follow, then make sure the procurement world knows!

All GO Awards entries are judged by a panel of industry experts which has in the past included representatives from Scottish Government and Scotland Excel, among many others.

Why not share your story and let everyone know why Scotland is leading the world in best practice procurement?

All GO Awards Scotland highly commended and winning organisations will be announced on the evening of the 29 September at the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow.  Winning organisations will gain automatic finalist status at the UK National GO Awards 2021/22 where they will compete against other winners from across the UK.

Register to Enter

Here are some of the key benefits of entering for public and private sector organisations.

Public Sector

  • Raise your organisation’s profile and share your success story with your peers
  • Have your work recognised by leading figures from the public procurement world
  • Learn from other excellent examples of best practice delivered throughout the year
  • Celebrate the fantastic contribution public procurement can make in Scotland
  • Meet suppliers from across Scotland with complimentary entry to one of procurement’s biggest events, Procurex Scotland, as a GO Awards finalist. All GO Awards Scotland finalists will receive complimentary entry and are invites to a VIP networking lunch.
  • Meet fellow finalists and other procurement leaders at the GO Awards Scotland.

Private Sector

  • Have your work and success with the public sector recognised.
  • Raise the profile of your organisation with Scotland’s procurement leaders.
  • Test your procurement team or project against the best from across the country
  • Have your work reviewed by some of the leading public sector figures in procurement
  • Meet buyers and other suppliers from across Scotland with complimentary entry to one of procurement’s biggest events, Procurex Scotland and are invites to a VIP networking lunch.
  • Enjoy a first-class networking opportunity with procurement leaders as you meet fellow finalists from local government, the NHS, universities and the winder procurement sector at the GO Awards Scotland black tie ceremony!