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5 April 2022
Titanic Hotel, Belfast

How to Enter

Entering the GO Awards has never been easier and with our range of tools and resources, we can guarantee that the entry process will be a smooth and seamless one for your organisation.

How to enter:

  1. Register with our online entry portal and create your account – early registration gives you access to additional support in the run up to the submission deadline
  2. You can begin your entries immediately or revisit at a later stage
  3. Take time to prepare your entry: view the categories, the criteria and the questions
  4. When you’re ready, fill out the submission form, attach your supporting documents and credit your team members
  5. Submit your entry
  6. Please note there is no fee to enter the GO Awards.


Who can enter the GO Awards?
The GO Awards are open to entries from public, private and third sector organisations.

What categories can I enter?
Please check the category description to check if you are eligible to enter the category. You can enter multiple projects into the same category and can enter the same project into multiple categories. However, make sure that you tailor all your answers to each question, bearing in mind that different categories have different questions.

Is there a fee to enter the GO Awards?
No, the GO Awards are free to enter.

How many questions are there?
Each category has six questions, each with a 300-word limit. We additionally offer the option for you to add supporting material as an attachment. However, we cannot guarantee the judges will review this as a part of the judging process.

How do I enter the GO Awards?

I need additional assistance; how do I get in touch?
For any questions relating to the entry process please contact the team today on [email protected]

Registering early gives you access to additional support and advice in the run-up to the entry deadline, and it only takes a few moments. You do not need to complete your entry at the time of registration. There is no cost to enter, and categories are open to public, private and third sector organisations.