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5 April 2022
Titanic Hotel, Belfast

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Team of the Year


Team working is pivotal to the success of public procurement, and the Procurement Team of the Year Award recognises the power and potential of a focused and unified approach to procurement. Teams can be virtual as well as single-site; but they must comprise individuals working towards the same objective or goal.

Above all, this Award recognises leadership, communication, innovation, collaboration, employee development and a collective team ethic and approach to deliver excellence in public services.

Recognition is given based on the accomplishments of the team in relation to its size and the complexity of its procurement activities.


A GO Awards submission in this category must reflect activity by the team or organisation involved during the period April 2019 to March 2021. The details in this entry must have relevance to this period to be eligible.

**Open to**

Public or third sector organisations within local and central government, health and social care, housing, education and all other sectors. A public or third sector team can also include a private sector organisation which has contributed to the initiative.

**Evidence Keywords**

Collaboration, team approach, communication, innovation, cross-sector/discipline working, exceptional, measurable results, stakeholder involvement, employee development, end user benefit, leadership, emerging talent, local government, central government, education, police, fire, emergency, health and social care, housing, NHS, career pathways, social value, environmental, sustainability, ethical procurement, lean procurement, partnership.

1Please provide an overview of the team – including details of the team size, key roles and any specific attributes that you believe are unusual or unique, including details of any apprenticeships or emerging talent within the team.
2Please describe the team’s approach to its role within the organisation, or a specific initiative or project that the team has delivered which you believe is worthy of recognition.
3Please provide evidence of how the team’s approach can be viewed as creative, innovative and effective and what benefits have been accrued as a result.
4How has the team demonstrated levels of performance, capability and commitment that go beyond that expected? Please provide examples of what teamworking and collaboration has achieved.
5What specific challenges has the procurement team had to overcome, and how has it achieved this?
6What are the expected outcomes from the team as part of the overall procurement strategy, and what success has been achieved to date? Please provide evidence of specific targets set and performance or other measurable benefits achieved.
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