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5 April 2022
Titanic Hotel, Belfast

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Individual Achievement of the Year


The profile of public procurement has never been higher, with Brexit, COVID-19 and the economic recovery all bringing greater focus and demand for better levels of performance, effectiveness, innovation and efficiency.

The new Individual Achievement of the Year Award recognises those individuals who have fully embraced this challenge, enhancing the delivery of procurement to provide outstanding public services.

This category is not solely focused on the tangible benefits that can be derived from an outstanding procurement, but also focuses on the role that an individual has performed in developing change, or in guiding strategic decisions and delivering savings and efficiency through procurement.

This Award is to recognise those individuals who have gone above and beyond to deliver better outcomes through procurement, whether they are new to the profession or have many years of experience in delivering public contracts.


A GO Awards submission in this category must reflect activity by an individual during the period January 2020 to October 2021.

**Open to**

Employees of public and third sector organisations.

**Evidence Keywords**

Continuous improvement, step change, best practice, innovation, leading practice, commercial awareness, commercial acumen, collaboration, lean procurement, contract management, relationship management, efficiency, business benefit, outcomes, commercial benefit, strategy change, procurement policy.

1Please provide an overview of the individual that your organisation wishes to enter into this category.
2Why does this individual deserve to be considered for the Award?
3What aspects of their personal performance have been particularly imaginative, innovative, unique, creative or ground-breaking?
4How has the individual improved the overall strategy or performance of the procurement operation? Please provide evidence of the methodologies and/or processes adopted to achieve this?
5Please detail the individual’s role and influence in at least one procurement exercise during the appropriate period and explain how they influenced the outcome of the process.
6How has your organisation taken the lessons learned from this individual’s development and spread the benefit internally – and what effect, if any, has this had on the organisation?
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