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Webinar Programme

Webinar Programme

To help buyers and suppliers across the public sector, the GO Awards Training Partner –  Procurement Advice and Support Service (PASS) – will be creating a range of resources to help navigate the challenges: ensuring that you are able to work effectively, compliantly and responsively in a dynamic and fast-changing environment.

See below for details of current and planned webinars taking place over the coming weeks. GO Awards would be delighted to welcome you to these webinars – View below to register for your place today.

Buyer Webinars


The Benefits of Life Cycle Costing

Thursday 7 May at 1000
Life cycle costing provides buyers with the option of costing a procurement in its entirety from implementation to disposal and allows for the consideration of environmental and social issues, such as carbon emissions or employment as part of that lifecycle.

It helps buyers to understand the true cost of their procurement and therefore better plan their budget over the life of the contract.

This webinar will consider the key issues of moving from price to cost in tenders and how this will interact with the expanded range of award criteria which are available to buyers.

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Planning an Exit Strategy

Thursday 14 May at 1100
Too often, procurement exercises are focused on the deliverables, but what happens when the contract is retendered or changes from one contractor to another?

Developing an Exit Strategy is necessary to identify possible risks, define potential losses, ensure continuity of services and should be a ‘front end’ activity created before the contract is signed.

This webinar will look at the five key elements that need to be considered.

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Evaluation at the Award Stage

Wednesday 20 May at 1100 
Given the shift towards life-cycle costing in the procurement process, just how should you structure your costing model to capture the true cost of your contract?

This webinar will identify the life-cycle elements you need to consider, as well as those additional costs, such as added value or innovation.

Getting your award criteria right can help to ensure you achieve the best price/quality ratio.

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Relationship Management

Tuesday 26 May at 1100
Organisations have a need to manage not only their contracts but also their contractors.

Relationship Management is about the proactive management of an existing contractor with the overall aim being to secure a competitive advantage for your own organisation.

This webinar looks at the key issues in the relationship between the contractor and the contracting authority.

The key purpose of Relationship Management is to encourage the development of a structured understanding of the current relationships that exist within and between your organisation and the contractor.

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Supplier Webinars

What Does the Buyer Really Want?

Tuesday 5 May at 1000
The deliverables in a contract aren’t all in the specification.

Sometimes the supporting material tells a tale, as can the pricing or costing model.

Other times the type of authority tells its own story.

The policies the organisation applies can also give you guidance on how to approach the bid.

This webinar will help you to understand these elements and help you to enhance your submissions.

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Understanding Added Value

Tuesday 12 May at 1100
You will regularly see buyers asking for details of the added value you can offer in the contract, but do you really know what they want?

Do you realise that some of that added value is already on offer, just in the way you structure your business processes?

If you look closely at the specification and the costing model, you can gain a good insight into what the buyer is hoping for in respect of added value.

This webinar will explain some of the issues that lie behind added value and how you may already be delivering them.

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Life Cycle Costing – The Supplier’s Perspective

Monday 18 May at 1100

The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 introduced Life Cycle Costing as an option at the award stage.

This provides buyers with the option of costing a procurement in its entirety, from acquisition to disposal, as well as allowing for the consideration of environmental and social issues, such as carbon emissions or employment.

It is therefore necessary for contractors to consider the key issues and understand how this will interact with the new expanded range of award criteria which are available to buyers.

This webinar will look at some of the key aspects and offer tips on how to understand what the buyer really wants.

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Your Rights at Standstill

Wednesday 20 May at 1000

Do you know what feedback you are entitled to at Standstill?

How detailed does the buyer need to make the information it gives to you?

Can you get access to other details and how exactly can you do that?

Also, do you understand the timelines and how quickly you need to act?

This webinar will define the key issues around the standstill process and how it may provide your one opportunity to challenge the award of a contract.

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